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Remote Development

The global pandemic has caused the way we work and live to change, and organisations of all sizes have scrambled to move to remote work. Developers are fortunate in that in most cases, their role can readily adapt with the shift to remote work.

Remote development by low-cost offshore code factories has been happening for several years, and the approach has been proven to be successful.

Microsoft has the tools developers love and the enterprise trust to keep them productive when working remote, enabling developers to:

  • Code from anywhere
  • Collaborate from anywhere
  • Ship from anywhere

However, I recognise that ‘lockdown remote working’ is not normal remote working and sadly many people are struggling with mental health and wellbeing for themselves and their family and friends. The past two years have been bad for some and a complete disaster for many – with peoples plans and dreams thwarted. Hopefully with virus research and vaccines, we can start to be optimistic that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Stay positive/keep busy, active and learning/build connections with others/and reach out if you want to talk.