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AppDev Trends

Hello! I am a Microsoft UK Azure AppDev Specialist and I share below what I do / why I do it ... and I touch on the current AppDev trends I see and the themes that I am frequently asked to cover.

Using the Microsoft mission statement with an AppDev lens this leads my role to have the following vision and objectives:

  • Empower every organization to achieve more by exploiting application development to innovate, differentiate and disrupt

  • Empower every application developer to achieve more by unleashing their capabilities with best-in-class tools and education

Vision without execution is just daydreaming - Bill Gates

I am privileged to be part of the Microsoft UK Azure AppDev team, and we are all passionate about talking App Innovation, development and helping others.

So currently, my top of mind are the following topics that I am frequently covering in customer engagements:

  • Application Innovation
  • Developer Velocity
  • Secure Infrastructure on Tap . aka the Cloud
  • DevOps
  • Application Platform Maturity
  • Cloud Native
  • Cross Device / Cross Platform
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Integration
  • Low Code / Citizen Developer
  • Identity
  • Intelligent Edge
  • Data and Al
  • Accessibility
  • Sustainable Software Engineering

Let's drill down into each of these ...