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Intelligent Edge

Hybrid cloud is evolving from being the integration of a datacenter with the public cloud, to becoming units of computing available at even the world’s most remote destinations working in connection with public cloud.

The intelligent edge is the continually expanding set of connected systems and devices that gather and analyse information close to the physical world where data resides, to deliver real-time insights and immersive experiences that are highly responsive. At the edge, the application is contextually aware and can run in both connected and disconnected states.

Microsoft have several offerings for Edge computing / Internet of Things:

  • Azure ARC enables us to extend the Azure control plane out to the Edge platforms. For example, ARC will enable remote Kubernetes clusters such that applications will run at the Edge, but they have governance / policy imposed and monitoring from the central cloud.
  • The IoT Edge runtime is a collection of programs that turn a remote device into an IoT Edge device. Collectively, the IoT Edge runtime components enable IoT Edge devices to receive code to run at the Edge and communicate the results.
  • IoT Hub is a managed service, hosted in the cloud, that acts as a central message hub for bi-directional communication between IoT applications and the devices it manages. It enables IoT solutions with reliable and secure communications between millions of IoT devices and a cloud-hosted solution backend. You can connect virtually any device to IoT Hub.
  • Azure Stack are managed devices bringing the compute, storage, and intelligence of Azure to the edge.
  • Azure Sphere certified chips is a comprehensive IoT security solution—including hardware, OS, and cloud components—to provide highly secured devices and actively enable defence in depth.

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