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Application Platform Maturity

Application platform maturity is a frequent conversation and covers where is an organisation on their cloud journey, where do they want to get to and how fast?

The cloud’s economies of scale, flexibility and predictable payment structures are becoming too attractive to ignore. Organisations are moving to the cloud as a cost-effective option to develop, deploy and manage their application portfolio.

Many organisations will ‘lift and shift’ their applications as an approach to migrate the cloud, but they will only get limited advantages.

To get full value / benefits, they should modernise and rebuild / rearchitect with cloud native technologies. This does not necessarily need changes to be done as a big bang … rather focus first on the areas which are identified as the most business critical, those where future investments are likely and those which give the most advantages. It is a journey that needs appropriate navigation to optimise the returns.

Microsoft have several partner migration tools that scan applications source code / database schemas, and generates a comprehensive report that identifies any issues / areas needing some work, to migrate to Azure cloud native technologies.