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Update APIApp


In this section we will deploy a second Container Image to the APIApp with some new business logic.

To do some Blue/Green testing we shall send 90% of traffic to the old instance and 10% to the new instance.

When we are confident that the new business logic is working satisfactory - we shall cutover and send 100% to new Container Image.

Lab Script

Update Container App - V2

  • Update the APIApp Container Image with V2 business logic
  • Immediately amend the ingress rule to split the traffic 10%:90% (new:old)
az containerapp update -g $RG -o table \
--image \
--name coloursapi \
--min-replicas 0 --max-replicas 3 \
--revision-suffix greenv2

az containerapp ingress traffic set -g $RG -o table \
--name coloursapi \
--revision-weight coloursapi--greenv2=10 coloursapi--bluev1=90

Blue / Green Testing

  • Check the WebApp - we should see approx 10% green and 90% blue

  • In the Azure portal we can see the two Container revisions and traffic distribution

Cutover to V2

  • Cutover completely to the new V2 business logic
az containerapp ingress traffic set -g $RG -o table \
--name coloursapi \
--revision-weight coloursapi--greenv2=100

  • Deactive old V2 business logic
az containerapp revision deactivate  -g $RG -o table \
--name coloursapi \
--revision coloursapi--bluev1


In this section we deployed an update V2 of our business logic.

Intially we allowed a small amount of traffic to use the new version whilst the majority used the old version. Once satisified, we cutover fully to use the updated version.

To tidy up - delete the resource group

az group delete -n $RG --yes