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Deploy WebApp


In this section we will create a Container App which will be the WebApp front-end.

Lab Script

Create Container App

  • Create the Container App for the WebApp front-end
    • Container image is pulled from the GitHub container registry
    • Specify that it can be externally accessed
    • Specify that it can scale from 0 to 3 container instances (replicas)
az containerapp create -g $RG -o table \
--image \
--name coloursweb \
--environment $CAENV \
--ingress external --target-port 80 \
--min-replicas 0 --max-replicas 3 \
--revision-suffix webv1

Note the name of the URL that is emitted - in the above example it is:

Auto Scale Up / Down

  • Check how many replicas (container instances) are running
az containerapp replica list  -g $RG -o table \
--name coloursweb \
--revision coloursweb--webv1

  • Wait for 5 minutes - after no activity, it should scale down to zero replicas

  • Access the web site - in a web browser go to the URL that was emitted when the container app was created

  • Accessing the site will cause one replica to be spun up to service the request.

Explore Azure Portal

  • In the Azure portal we can see the Container App. Explore the various menu options.


In this section we created our first application - the Web front-end.

The number of replicas automatically scaled as needed and went down to zero when not used. No usage charges apply when an application is scaled to zero.