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Information Security

Security is about protecting an organisation to ensure the resilience and continuity of its business operations.

A subset of security is Information Security (infosec). Infosec is about the protection of data and associated applications – and so critical for the ongoing existence and success of an organisation. 

There are three things that are at the core of infosec – these are:

  • Confidentiality - making sure that data is protected from unauthorized access. 
  • Integrity - making sure that data is kept accurate / consistent, and protected from unauthorised modification.
  • Availability - making sure that data is available when and where it is rightly needed.

And whilst infosec is often associated with defending against malicious attackers – it also needs to consider other types of events that can cause loss, such as ‘acts of gods’ – for example, a lightning storm which might cause a power outage, and bring down systems / corrupt data.

Its also about making sure everyone does the right things and those things right - for example, there is no point having a manual backup policy if people aren't doing it regularly in accordance with the defined schedule.