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Visual Studio on EA Benefits

Customers who have Enterprise Agreements (EA) with Microsoft are eligible to purchase a subscription offer that brings together Visual Studio standard subscriptions and GitHub Enterprise. It's the easy and economical way for Visual Studio subscribers to acquire GitHub Enterprise.

Buying Visual Studioโ€‹

There are several ways to buy Visual Studio subscriptions:

  • License reseller โ€“ on an Enterprise Agreement, others
  • Azure Marketplace
  • Retail e.g., Microsoft Store ... unlikely route for enterprise organisation

Buying on an EA shows long term commitment and is rewarded with benefits.
Buying on Azure Marketplace only gets you Visual Studio IDE and Azure DevOps Basic license.

Buying on an EA is cheaper

  • Az VS Subscription-Pro Monthly-1 User is $45 per month ($540 per year)
  • Visual Studio Professional MSDN License and Software Assurance [Level A] is $455.48 per year ($455.60 with GHE)

EA Benefitsโ€‹

Visual Studio subscriptions on an EA get the following benefits:

  • GitHub Enterprise step-up SKU ($0.12 per year ... worth $252 per year)
  • Azure dev/test pricing link
  • Azure credits (VS Pro $600 per year ๐Ÿ ˆ this alone covers the subscription cost, VS Ent $1800 per year )
  • Azure DevOps Basic (worth $72 per year) (+ Test Plans for VS Ent)
  • Windows and Server products for dev/test purposes
  • Microsoft 365 Developer subscription โ€“ products & servers for dev/test
  • Developer Account - submit apps to Microsoft store
  • CODE magazine
  • Support
  • Power BI Pro (VS Ent)
  • C# Dev Kit link link


Set up for VS+GHE licensesโ€‹

Set up GitHub Enterprise licenses with Visual Studio subscriptions link